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You meet a new person, have a few conversations with them and while everything seems to be in order, you gut tells you there is something fishy about them. You don't quite know what it is, but the negging feeling just won't go away. So, you do the modern Background Check, meaning you check out their Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts and you see that everything is in order. While this may come in handy in some cases, nothing can beat the reliability of a professional and thorough Background Check.

What Exactly is Background Check?

While social media profiles can be falsified, public records, such as criminal records, marriage records and even company records cannot. A Background Check is essentially a thorough review of a person's criminal past, financial past and any important record that is documented through official channels, like the state or correctional facilities.

The Uses of Background Check

Searching a person's past through a background check can reveal many important details about them that can you help you decide what to do with them and even help you protect yourself and your loved-ones from harm:

1. Criminal Past – whether it's a person your met online or consider dating, a background check can help you discover if they have a criminal record, which is especially important if the record is violent. The same is true for different people your considering working for or taking on their services. Background Check can help you find out if they have frauds in their past, something you defiantly want to avoid.

2. Sex Offender Search – if you suspect a new neighbor or any other person, you can find out if they have a violent sexual history to decide how and even if to continue your interaction with them....

Background Check is an easy, quick and useful tool that can help see beyond the façade of people, and find out who they really are. In order to be sure that you have all the information you need, you have to use a reliable website that uses public records to give you the information that you need, and GoLookUp is exactly such a website.

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