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There is an article from 2012 (which is no more there) that mentioned that numerous of K-pop fans had been previously J-pop fans. To create this more sadder: Many (most likely bulk) of those previous J-pop fans turned K-pop fans never went back to J-pop when they became K-pop fans. We also think these former J-pop fans that became K-pop fans most likely never ever introduce J-pop (and AKB48) to the current generation of K-pop fans.

No, it had been nothing beats that. For pervy, try the J-pop team AKB48, a Japanese girl ensemble, with scores of people, whom, affecting a schoolgirls-in-lingerie look in their video clip Heavy Rotation," pillow-fight, kiss, and share heart-shaped snacks lips to mouth. Girls' Generation is a team of preppy-looking ladies in skinny trousers. If they wear hot jeans, it's to display the gams, not the glutes.

In a downtown Manhattan studio, three impossibly petite women stand at attention, their arms moving in some minute gestures as their high-gloss locks sways smoothly. The scene is an impromptu dance demonstration from Kashiyuka, Nocchi, and A-Chan of Perfume—the beloved J-pop trio, in town to market their 5th studio album—and the hypnotically harmonized twists and turns draw awestruck whispers, as they have for thirteen years.

In the event that you say "no" to all or any of those concerns i have expected, then you just proved my theory about J-pop fandom maybe not unified. Therefore J-pop fans don't discover such a thing through the 2013 Universal Music K-pop incident. At a time AKB48 PVs are increasingly being obstructed on Youtube, i am amazed none of you have got launch a similar campaign. I recall a thread from Onehallyu asking individuals when they want Japanese music to be more known globally, most them voted "yes". Why aren't J-pop fandom are working difficult as their K-pop counterpart to made this true.

The reason J-pop fans didn't unite to produce J-pop more accessible whenever K-pop fandom did this in 2013. Why don't J-pop fandom "raise hell" whenever J-pop became less available? When K-pop got block on Youtube in 2013, they created #giveuskpop on line Download lagu KPop Terbaru and planetlagulu.tkshellsirc.com/index.php?a=stats&u=jaxontietjen2">Download Lagu K-Pop J-Pop Mp3 Terupdate</a> no more got block on Youtube, but when AKB48 got obstructed on Youtube, J-pop fans didn't perform some same, I didn't see a #giveusjpop or #giveusakb48 campaign online.

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