Vision: Administrative Services

Chicago State University Library and Instructional Services serves as a gateway to global information, enabling direct and remote access to resources in a variety of formats. The library is a dynamic partner in the educational experience at the university, evolving to meet the changing needs of its diverse community of learners, while advancing institutional mission, values, and vision.

LISAS anteroom The Chicago State University Library provides a supportive learning environment, promoting scholarship, research, and teaching at the University.  Chicago State University Library keeps pace with evolving technology and provides regular educational opportunities for staff to gain knowledge about new teaching and learning tools. Chicago State University Library conducts ongoing strategic planning, periodically assesses progress, and prepares recommendations for positive change. The library creates and implements initiatives that prompt the growth and development of library collections, resources, programs, services, and staff. The library adheres to appropriate professional standards, to assure the preservation and development of all its collections. Chicago State University Library maintains memberships in local, regional and national consortia and professional organizations to facilitate resource sharing, to participate in staff development efforts, and to benefit from other networking opportunities.

Customer service is a priority in all phases of operation. Library users obtain personal assistance at several service points when the building is open. Web links provide 24/7 reference help. Instructional and outreach activities improve the information literacy skills of the university’s community of learners and impart lifelong learning strategies. Chicago State University Library improves the quality of distance education experiences, through collaboration with other areas of the university and their educational affiliations.

The library strives to maintain a building that is aesthetically pleasing, welcoming and safe to all users. The physical library accommodates and encourages a range of scholarly activities, including quiet, individual study, structured group instruction, and informal collaboration. Space in the facility is assigned to operations, services and programs that contribute to the optimal success of the library, instructional media services, and the Center for Teaching and Research Excellence.

Chicago State University Library pursues marketing, fundraising, and public relations opportunities. Chicago State University Library's self-advocacy is spurred by the understanding that the growth and development of the library is integral to the success of the university. In sculpting its success, the library is motivated by the desire to support new programs and majors, satisfy accreditation and other evaluative criteria, and to take full advantage of all avenues for progress.