Departments and Units

About Us

Dr. Wayne Watson, President of Chicago State University

Dr. Sandra Westbrooks, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Richard Darga, Interim Dean, Library and Instruction Services

  1. Learning and Instruction Services
    1. Center for Teaching and Research Excellence
    2. Instruction Services
    3. Archives
    4. Office of Distance Learning
  2. Public Services
    1. Access Services and Circulation
    2. Government Publications
    3. Reference and Instruction Services
    4. Music and Performance Arts
    5. Education Resources Center
  3. Technical Services
    1. Digitization and Web Services
    2. Bibliographic Control and Cataloging
    3. Systems
    4. Serials and Acquisitions
  4. Administrative Services
    1. Assistance to the Dean and Personnel
    2. Facilities Management and Student Employment
    3. Business Management
    4. Development