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  1. Welcome
  2. Literature Resource Center is a comprehensive online source for literary criticism and other information about authors, their works, and literary topics.
  3. What you will find
  4. Say you are writing a paper on Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved
  5. Make sure the type of search you want is selected
  6. “Person—By or about” or “Name of Work” will give you fewer results, but greater precision if you are focusing on a particular person or work.
  7. “All text” is most useful when searching for quotations or on hard-to-find topics.
  8. You also have a number of options to limit your search.
  9. Select “Search” to launch your search.
  10. The number of results in each tab displays below the tab label.
  11. Select any tab that contains results to see the results in that tab.
  12. Subjects that appear frequently in your results display in the left sidebar.
  13. The are other options for narrowing your search
  14. You can also search within your results using the search box in the left sidebar.
  15. Open a document by selecting its title or by selecting the link under the citation.
  16. Other links under the citation for each document will help you find print or electronic copies of the document in your library system
  17. Once you have opened a document, scroll down to read the text.
  18. Use the Tools to print, email, or download your document.
  19. You can also use the translation tool to generate an automated translation of the document.
  20. You can link to other search options from the search bar near the top of the screen.
  21. Advanced Search helps you construct more targeted and precise searches.
  22. Person Search is designed to create lists of individuals who fit a custom profile that you design.
  23. Scroll down to see all options.
  24. When you’ve completed your selections, select Search at the top or bottom of the screen.
  25. A list of authors who match your search terms will display.
  26. Works Search is similar to Person Search.
  27. Link to Help and Tips from the Toolbar to find out more about using Literature Resource Center.
  28. Thanks for taking our tour! Please close this window to start searching Literature Resource Center.

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